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George Clanton


by Rosie G.

April 11, 2023

Anyone that knows me knows of my love of dance music, especially anything electronic or house music. When I first heard of singer-songwriter George Clanton I had to check him out. Born in Virginia this electronic musician has been gaining a following since his debut in 2008. He wasn’t always into electronic music and actually loved punk rock and was a fan who attended those shows. Things changed when he downloaded a misnamed Brian Jonestown Massacre song.

Since that time he discovered all this new music and started writing his own under the pseudonym Mirror Kisses or ESPRIT. He later decided to use his own name and has been releasing songs that are not your typical electronica sounds. He plays drums and guitar and the sounds are not only electronic but include pop music elements and the genre called synth-pop. He made his debut under his own name in 2015 with the album 100% Electronica and I just love the song “Dumb.” He followed it up with Slide in 2018 and described that album as “vaporwave opera.” I admit he writes great lyrics and love the sounds he creates. He just released his new single, “I Been Young” and I’ve been playing this song over and over on my playlist. The vocals remind me of singer Green Gartside of the British New Wave/pop band, Scritti Politti. He will release his new album this summer and is now on tour. Check out this talented singer-songwriter/musician and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!

"I Been Young"

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