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by Rosie G.

January 23, 2024

The first time I heard New Zealand singer-songwriter Estella Dawn was during an Open Verse Challenge of Teddy Swim’s song “Lose Control.” Her freestyle to the song just blew my mind and I needed to know who she was.

Estella Dawn not only sings but is a multi-instrumentalist now living here in the U.S. She started singing at age 9 and by age 15 was already recording her songs. This artist says she’s shy but not by the performances I’ve seen of her. She has released several singles over the past several years and her voice is so flexible that you get hypnotized by it. In her song, “Ain’t Like Me” her voice is like caramel with its throaty sound but she can bring it on strong with her monotone voice and phrasing on songs like “Locked.” She just released her latest single,” My Kind” and I can’t wait for an album and tour. Check out this super-talented singer-songwriter and producer. Support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!

"My Kind"

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