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by Rosie G.

June 25, 2024

The lead singer of this band reminded me of 80’s singer-songwriter Morrissey when he

sings in lower registers. Indie post-punk rock band Automotion caught my attention with their new single.

The band members are Jesse Hitchman on vocals/guitar, Lennon Gallagher on vocals/guitar, Luke Chin-Joseph on bass, and Otis Eatwell-Hurst on drums. Jesse and Lennon (Liam Gallagher’s son) met in school and started jamming, later meeting the other band members. They debuted in 2021 with the EP In Motion and released their second Ecstatic Oscillations a year later. Their music and songwriting have changed over the years and described their writing as brutal and meticulous. They just released their latest EP, Dissolve on June 19th. I’m sure a tour will follow and hope they come across the pond to play here in the States. Support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

"Lost in the Spinal Labyrinth"

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