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by Rosie G.

August 29, 2023

Several years ago we featured British rock band Another Sky when they came on the scene. Since then the 4 band members which include Catrin Vincent on vocals, Max Doohan on drums, Naomi LeDune on bass, and Jack Gilbert on guitar have gained quite a following. Their songwriting and lyrics are at times visceral and full of raw emotion. The unique vocals of singer Catrin Vincent along with amazing musicianship from the other members, make this band one to see live.

They named themselves after a poem by Emily Dickinson and have been together as a band since 2017. Their orchestrations and music are incredible, check out their song, “Chillers” and you can hear the build-up to the wall of sound. After being away for three years since their debut, they are back! They just released two singles, “Psychopath” and “Burn The Way.” Fans will be excited to hear new material and are planning on a tour soon with a show in November in the U.K.

They just signed to Republic Records here in the States and we here at could not be happier after featuring them in 2019. Check out this super-talented rock band and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!


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