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Yendry Fiorentino was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and her parents later moved to Turin, Italy. Growing up between both countries has given the singer a cultural mix of music. She grew up listening to RnB, Soul, and Jazz and loves the 90's and 2000's R&B and Soul. Her musical influences are Beyonce, Nina Simone, and Etta James. As a child, she spent many days watching MTV and listening to Michael Jackson and Destiny's Child. She says she started singing for her classmates in 5th grade. She never saw herself as a singer, she had wanted to teach music to children but not be a performer. Later at age 19 encouraged by a friend, she auditioned for X Factor Italy and won a spot on Elio's team. She went onto the finals and from that experience, she grew musically.

Yendry was signed to Sony records after X factor but then decided she wanted to be an independent artist and make the music she wanted.

While she was in college she was invited to sing at a friend's studio and there she met Alain Diamond and later David Cucco. They became the band, Materianera which is an electronic pop Latin music group. Since then she has gone solo and just released her new single, Nena. Check out this talented singer-songwriter and support independent music worldwide. Happy listening!




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