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There is nothing that I love more than featuring indie artists from my hometown of Brooklyn, NY. Widowspeak formed their band here in Brooklyn by Washington natives Molly Hamilton and Michael Stasiak. The indie rock band today consists of guitar player Robert Earl Thomas, Molly Hamilton on vocals and rhythm guitar, James Jano on drums, and Willy Muse on bass. Michael Stasiak left the band along with former bassist, Patricia Gravano-Coolbaugh.

The band made its debut in 2011 with its self-titled album to critical acclaim. Their song Harsh Realm was featured on American Horror Story. This band writes great catchy songs that will stick in your head for days. Songs such as Gun Shy, Nightcrawlers, and others will have you singing along. Their music is a mix of Fleetwood Mac-type sounds with classic rock, folk, and country. They have been compared to the alternative rock band, Mazzy Star. They released several other albums such as Plum, Almanac, and Expect The Best. They released their latest called The Jacket this past March and I'm in love with the album, check out the song While You Wait with its beautiful intro and native flute sounds. The band is on tour so be sure to check them out when they arrive in your city. Check out this super-talented rock band and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!

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