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White Lies

I was excited to hear English Post-Punk band, White Lies new music. It brings me back to my days in college radio at WSIA-88.9FM in Staten Island, NY. Their sound reminds me of bands such as The Fixx and The Icicle Works new wave sounds from the '80s. The band consists of lead vocals, guitarist, Harry McVeigh, Charles Cave(bass guitar, backing vocals), and Jack Lawrence Brown (drums). The band got together in 2007 after they wrote songs that didn't feel right for their original band.

In past interviews, the band members have said they want their music on karaoke machines thirty years from now. if they keep going it will happen after all this band has recorded 6 studio albums. The trio started out as Fear of Flying but later changed its name to what it is today. Their bassist, Charles Cave said he couldn't write anything personal and as the band matured they went in a different direction. The sound was a bit darker than their previous material and things took off from there. They decided to take several months to build a following and get their name out there. They were signed to the independent record label, Fiction Records. Their band name White Lies comes from the members believing "white lies are darker and it's how they see themselves." In 2009 they released their album, To Love My Life, and came here to NYC for the then CMJ Convention. A music conference that was the best showcase of independent music, how I miss them. Subsequent albums pursued with each new recording changing their sound.

The band has been through its growing pains with the music industry but they have come out on top and have just released their new album, As I Try Not To Fall Apart. Check out the title track with its mesmerizing keyboard sounds. White Lies is about to embark on its U.K and European tour as headliners. We hope they make their way here to the States for some tour dates. Check out this talented alternative rock band and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

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