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Waldo's Gift

Indie jazz trio, Waldo's Gift from Bristol, England is quickly making a name for themselves on the jazz scene. The trio is Alun Elliot Williams, Harry Stoneham, and James Vine. These three like-minded musicians have been creating music since 2017. They love creating musical landscapes that mix jazz along with cool electronic sounds.

They describe their music as 19th-century romanticism and when they got together decided they didn't want to sound like a guitar band. All three members love electronic music and love such artists as Aphex Twin, Floating Points, and Bonobo. They really were digging the DJ culture and took inspiration from them. The DJ's way of improvising their sets is what the members of Waldo's Gift used in improvising their sets. But they still love guitarists such as Wayne Krantz and others. Right now in Bristol, England there is an amazing music scene.... well in England in general.

So many artists gathering at many of the venues that keep popping up and the many collaborations that are going on. When asked who Waldo's Gift would like to collaborate with they named a few artists such as Moses Sumney, Jonny Greenwood, Caroline Shaw, and many others.

If the band's name looks familiar then you will know they referenced their name from the Velvet Underground's song, The Gift. But the band really named themselves after well-known Scottish producer/DJ, Hudson Mohawke's EP that was titled, Waldo's Gift. The trio released their first EP in 2019, Improvisations, and has released several more, each release trying out new sounds. Their latest EP, Flowerbed was released this past January and it's sonically awesome. Check out this amazing imaginative trio and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!




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