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The Altons

Discovering new indie artists is always a fun experience especially when I come across a group like The Altons. They are a Los Angeles soul-rock band with Latin music influences. The band has been playing together for many years and their audiences are always dancing and singing along. The band sings in both English and Spanish and are fun to see live. The Altons has performed at several SXSW showcases. They are among many of the artists in the rising Latin alternative scene popping up around L.A. Many bands tend to get categorized into certain genres, The Altons cannot be put into any one music category for they have created their own sound with a mix of music genres.

The Altons music is a return to the days of music gone by. They have several EP's and singles out and last year released their latest titled, "In the Meantime." Check out this fun and soulful band and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!


When You Go (That's When You Will Know)



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