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Szymon Mika

Jazz guitarist, Szymon Mika is noted as one of the best jazz guitarists of his generation. Szymon Mika from Poland and now living in Galicia, Spain has many jazz admirers. This super-talented guitarist has not only won many prestigious awards in jazz but has also traveled the world with some of the top jazz artists around today. Like many musicians, his guitar is custom-made by master luthier, Stefan Schottmuller. Szymon Mika graduated in 2016 with a master's degree from the Music Academy at Katowice and since then has played with such jazz luminaries as Joshua Redman, Dave Holland, Mark Turner, and many others. He has played at the Montreaux Jazz Festival and Jazz Fest Wien.

He made his recording debut in 2016 with his album Trio and quickly followed it up with his sophomore effort, Togetherness. His style of guitar playing incorporates the finger-picking of both Spanish flamenco guitar as well as Polish jazz-folk music. Last October he released his album with Polish-Japanese singer, Yumi Ito, and the two combined their styles creating a soulful and unique album. Check out the song Minha Flor with its Japanese-style guitar picking and beautiful arrangement. Definitely an album you must listen to. This past March he released his next album, Attempts which was recorded during the lockdown of the pandemic. This album is stripped down with just his guitar and no dubs. Szymon Mika is on tour, be sure to check him out when he comes to your city. Check out this uniquely talented guitarist and composer and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

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