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Systema Solar

The music of Systema Solar is a party waiting to happen. Uniting infectious Afro-Caribbean rhythms, a little hip-hop and a lot of fun, it’s impossible not to groove to the beat. The Columbian collective brings some local color as well, incorporating bullerengue and champeta influences and a large dose of pico culture to create a vibrant tapestry of divine dance music.

Yet, despite the joyful noise, Systema Solar isn’t afraid to mix music and politics. The featured video, “Rumbera,” honors women in all of their diversity, including the transgendered, as part of the #DaleLaVueltaMama campaign for awareness and acceptance. The band is also concerned about the environment, evidenced in many of its songs.

Calling themselves a musical-visual collective, Systema Solar is comprised of singers John First, Walter Hernandez, producers Juan Carlos Pellegrino. DJs Daniel Broderick and Arturo Corpas, and percussionist Andrés Gutiérrez with visuals by Vanessa Gocksch. The groups’s third album, Rumbo A Tierra, was released in 2017, with NRP noting, “Challenging both traditional music and current politics, it takes listeners on a colorful and politically urgent journey.” It’s a socially-conscious dance party, and it sounds pretty great.




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