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Steve Lacy

This soulful, jazzy uplifting guitarist, singer-songwriter, record producer has been named an artist to watch by many indie publications. His name is Steve Lacy and he is from Compton, California. He is best known for being a member of the band the grammy-nominated RnB band, The Internet. Now based in Los Angeles he has been very busy making some amazing music. He started playing guitar at age seven with the video game Guitar Hero. He, unfortunately, couldn't get a MacBook Pro so instead, he got creative and used his iPhone and a guitar plug-in to create beats.

When he was in school he became part of the high school jazz band and there he met his former band member, Jameel Bruner. He says Jameel roped him into the project and in 2013 Steve Lacy produced The Internet's album, Ego Death by using his iPhone. The album was Grammy-nominated in 2016 in the Urban Contemporary Album category. This was while he was still in high school and caught the attention of legendary guitarist, producer, Nile Rodgers who invited him to speak in 2017 at the TEDxTeen conference on technology and music. Since then he has released his own music with you guessed it, his trusty iPhone and has made music for such artists as Kendrick Lamarr, Vampire Weekend, J.Cole, and others. He says his musical influences are Thundercat, Erykah Badu, Pharrell Williams, and the Neptunes and says he would have loved to have had Prince as his dream collaborator. Last year he released his first full-length album, Apollo XXI to great acclaim. He also just released a dance track with Calvin Harris and Love Regenerator titled, Live Without Your Love. Check out this multi talented guitarist, singer, producer and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!




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