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Indie post-punk rock band, Squid from Brighton, England has been making quite a splash on the music scene. These boys remind me of early Talking Heads and The Buzzcocks. They have been busy performing during the past 2 years although the pandemic held them down for a bit. Their dream would be to collaborate with Brian Eno and upon meeting him they admit they froze up. Understandably, I was in awe of meeting him several years back. The band consists of Ollie Judge (drums and vocals), Louis Borlase (guitars, vocals), Arthur Leadbetter (keyboards, strings), Laurie Nankivell (bass, brass), and Anton Pearson (guitars, vocals). The band met at college and what bonded them together was their love of German electronica duo, Neu, which consists of two former members of Kraftwerk. They started playing at small jazz cafes but band members say that's not what they wanted to be doing. They love modal jazz, krautrock, and ambient music but somehow ended up stirring all that in the pot and came out with post-punk. They were one of the favorite bands at last year's virtual SXSW annual concerts and the band is releasing their debut album, Bright Green Field on May 7th. They will also embark on their first American tour which will bring them here to NYC on November 10th to the Mercury Lounge. Check out this fun and talented band and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!





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