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Nowadays we are seeing more and more artists mixing Jazz into their music. Squarepusher, aka Tom Jenkinson from Essex, U.K. is such an artist, mixing Jazz with drum and bass as well as electronica and Jazz influences. He is a multi-instrumentalist who mixes electronic sounds with live instrumental playing with digital processing. He is the brother of Acid house/drum and bass artist, Ceephax Acid Crew aka, Andrew Jenkinson. At age 11 Tom Jenkinson bought himself a guitar which was a nylon string classical guitar and took lessons. He ended up quitting the lessons and teaching himself because according to him, "They didn't give satisfactory answers to his questions about music and music production." He joined his first band at age 12 which was a Metallica influenced thrash metal band. Later on, in life, he became interested in house music and Jazz. His musical influences are Herbie Hancock, Jaco Pastorius, Frank Zappa, and others. He has released 15 EP's on several different independent record labels and his latest release titled, "Be Up a Hello" was released this past January. Support this futuristic Indie Electronic, Jazz Fusion/Drum and bass artist. Support independent music worldwide. Happy listening!

Midi Sans Frontieres (Avec Batterie)



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