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Soccer Mommy

You might think that the name Soccer Mommy could be a band but actually it's the project of singer-songwriter, Sofia Allison from Nashville, Tennesse. She was born in Switzerland and later her parents moved to the U.S. At only 19 years old this talented singer started playing guitar at age 6 and has been writing songs since she was age 5. Back then of course life was not as compromising as it is now. Most of her songs deal with pre-presence angst and mental health issues. She has thrown herself into touring and recording non-stop to discipline herself to write songs while on the road.

Sofia Allison has been studying music business management at New York University and recently dropped out because she wanted to dedicate herself to her new record. She has been playing all around the country and next year has a European tour scheduled. She recently released her album, Color Theory. Check out this very talented singer-songwriter and guitarist. Support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!


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