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Sarah Thawer

There used to be a time when you really didn't see women playing the drums but nowadays that's all changed. Meet jazz drummer extraordinaire Sarah Thawer from Toronto, Canada. To see her perform is watching art in motion. Her beats are just sick and at the same time mesmerizing. She started playing at age 2 and performing on stage by age 5. She is a free spirit and does not limit herself when it comes to jazz. She also has played a variety of drums from the tabla, Indian congas, dholak, djembe, Cajon, and tumbek to name a few. She has also studied guitar.

She grew up listening to and playing Indian music which is very percussive and this started her on her musical journey. She has played with the best of them from legendary rock guitarist Steve Vai,

the legendary percussionist Sheila E to Jacob Collier and so much more. She is not a formally trained drummer and says she learned to play from the bandstand and from transcribing percussion onto drums. If you see her live it's just incredible and she has been rated one of the 10 best drummers of all time. She can play all types of jazz as well as R&B, funk, Indian music, and hip-hop. She has not released an album yet but has been a featured drummer on the albums of world music singer, Alysha Brilla and composer Ludwig Göransson for the Disney & Pixar movie, Turning Red. Sarah Thawer is a freelance musician and is constantly gigging or on tour. If you hear of her coming to your city be sure to check her out. Support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

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