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Sarah Kinsley

Singer-songwriter Sarah Kinsley is set on changing things in the music industry. This 21-year old has been taking the indie world by storm. She is a classically trained musician who decided to enter the pop music world and that transition was not easy. She has been part of an ensemble and it taught her about the relationship between melody and harmony.

When she started venturing out on her own she would post covers by singer Justin Beiber and Julia Michaels. Although from listening to her music you would never think she was shy and that singing was not her forte. She was so comfortable playing her instruments that the thought of singing was daunting at first but not anymore. Sarah Kinsley realized while taking music theory classes at Columbia University that only 2% of music producers are female. This is shocking considering the number of female singers and songwriters. She wants to change that and produce her own music and the music of other artists. She raised awareness of this issue on her TikTok videos and the response has been very supportive. She released her debut EP, King a week ago and it's exploding on the indie music charts. Check out this talented multi-instrumentalist/producer and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!

The King



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