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Sahra Gure

Today's indie artists are some of the most talented and creative. Many intertwine music genres and create some of the most amazing sounds and beats. This talented songstress, Sahra Gure moves between different music genres. Born in Berlin, Germany, and based in London, her voice is smooth and silky. She started her musical career at age 14, trained as a classical violinist she discovered she loved singing. Her music is a mix of Soul, Jazz, Afrobeat, and Funk. Her roots are of mixed heritage and culture and this has influenced her music and her way of writing songs. Her mother is German and her father is from Somalia, and growing up she learned that two things can be the complete opposite of each other but still be able to work out. This influences her songwriting style and combines different musical aspects with her singing.

2019 saw Sahra Gure win the Musician's Company Young Jazz Musician Award and at just 22 years old has already played the London Jazz Festival, Queen Elizabeth Hall, and Jazzwise has recently said she is an artist to watch this year. Many great things happening with this amazingly talented young woman. Sahra Gure is most known in the Jazz world but with several of her band members playing with such Indie artists as Afrobeat/Jazz group, Kokoroko, and Nubya Garcia, and many others that the music genres are weaved one into the other. Last year she released her debut EP, Love Me, With Me, and has released several new singles this year. Check out this multi-talented singer-songwriter, composer, arranger, and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

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