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Rainbow Kitten Surprise

One can imagine the members of this alternative rock band sitting around thinking up band names and somehow hitting upon Rainbow Kitten Surprise. There must be a good story behind it. The Boone, NC collective is comprised of lead vocalist Sam Melo, Darrick “Bozzy” Keller on on guitar and backing vocals, guitarist Ethan Goodpaster, Charlie Holt on bass and drummer Jess Haney.

A band that puts vocals front and center, it’s no wonder they are known for its lyrics yet the music gets plenty of attention. Inspiration has come from the likes of Kings of Leon and Modest Mouse. The band formed in 2013 while Melo and Keller studied at Appalachian State University. In fact, the group recorded its very first EP, Mary, in a dorm room. When the rest of the team enlisted, the gang released an album entitled Seven (both were re-packaged as Seven-Mary in later years).

Three more albums have followed, with Mary B-sides issued earlier this year. RKS is currently on tour throughout the US and Canada.




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