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Pip Millett

Rhythm and Blues have changed a lot over the years. There are now new categories like NeoSoul and Alternative R&B. New artists blending other rhythms and sounds and Pip Millett is one such artist. She was born in Manchester, England, and says that although her family are not musicians she picked up the music bug from her father, he would always be playing tunes. Her brother and sister were in the choir. Her voice brings a new sound to the NeoSoul/R&B genres, one that is both emotional and heartfelt. Pip Millett made her debut in 2018 with the single, Make Me Cry and since then has been on many people's radar.

Pip Millett's musical influences growing up that were frequently playing in the car were Lauryn Hill, Joni Mitchell, Erykah Badu, and Amy Winehouse. She says her mother was her musical influence as well and picked up on other music genres from the kids in her neighborhood. She is very much into instrumentation and loves Burt Bacharach. Pip says out of all the artists who really inspired her the most was Bob Marley because of the "croaky tone to his voice and the little imperfections that made it so unique." Pip Millett herself has a throaty tone to her voice making her unique. She recently released her second EP, Lost In June. The new album is about family and love. Check out this talented raspy-voiced singer and support independent music and musicians around the world. Happy listening!

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