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Orrin Evans

I'm always in search of a jazz musician who just blows me away, Orrin Evans did just that for me. This talented pianist from Trenton, New Jersey has that wow factor you have to listen to or experience live. Raised in Philly he grew up listening to that well-known Philadelphia sound. He is one to experiment and has another band that he plays with called Luv Park which is a Neo-Soul/Acid Jazz group.

Music is in his blood and he started playing the piano from a young age. His mother who was an opera singer introduced him to music early and started him on his journey into his career. Orrin Evans recording sessions are like a cookout with musicians stopping by whether they contribute music or not... it's a party in the studio. That kind of coolness always comes through on his recordings. He is very well versed in both post and hard bop but also mixes in neo-soul, R&B, some hip-hop inspirations, and of course some funk. He's been recording music since 1995 when he made his debut with the album, Trio. He is not only a piano player but also a bandleader and composer. He calls his musical extended family "The Village" which includes his collaborators like bassist, Christian McBride, and drummer, Karriem Riggins along with protégés, friends, fans, and supporters. He has played with the best of them and is always moving forward musically. He just released his latest album, The Magic of Now to rave reviews. If you love pianists with a groove then you have found him in Orrin Evans. Check out this amazing jazz artist and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!

Mynah/The Eleventh Hour



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