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No Base Trio

Puerto Rican jazz band, No Base Trio is a welcomed surprise with its great jazz music. The trio consists of Jonathan Suazo on alto saxophone, Gabriel Vicéns on electric guitar, and Leonardo Ozuna on drums. The band came together over 10 years ago and was playing straight-ahead jazz but time has matured their sound. Their music is a mix of ambient music with some rock elements and lots of improvisation. The trio is constantly experimenting with sound and progression. They don't like to name their tracks and instead choose non-descript titles. They started it with their debut album.

In 2020 they made their debut with their self-titled album which was chock full of great tracks including some great rock-sounding guitar sounds. Check out the song EXT IV its guitar sound at the beginning reminds me of some very early Pink Floyd songs. They won rave reviews for their debut and Ambient Music News described them as "Attentively crafted improvised music informed by an eclectic set of influences." During the pandemic like all musicians, they created and recorded new music and that new music is their new album, NBT II. I'm sure they will be on tour and we can't wait for them to come to NYC and play some dates. Support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening




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