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New Music Monday: Horojo Trio

Set The Record

Ottawa’s Horojo Trio was born at a local jam session which was apparently so smokin’ that the guys decided to stick together and see what else they could set on fire. The band’s name was fashioned from the first two letters of each of the members' last names: Jamie Holmes (drums), Jeff Rogers (vocals, keyboards), and JW-Jones (guitar, vocals).

The three members definitely groove together, making soulful, bluesy magic on their first record, Set the Record. It’s an auspicious debut. They must be pretty impressive live since they won “Best Band” at the 2020 International Blues Challenge, and were nominated for “Music Group of the Year” at the 2022 Ottawa Awards before they had actually released any music. That’s crazy! But it’s good fun, too.

“Set The Record Straight"

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