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Nala Sinephro

Indie jazz artist, Nala Sinephro is an interesting combination of a fresh and spiritual sound. If you have ever heard the harp played then you know it's a heavenly sound that captures your attention right away. Nala Sinephro is an artist to watch and she mixes jazz with meditative sounds, folk elements with the study of frequency and geometry.

She was raised in Belgium by her mother who is an accomplished pianist and from an early age developed an ear for instrumentation. She started on the piano then moved on to the violin and even the bagpipes. While in school she became interested in the harp and learned to play it by practicing every day in solitude. These days she is based in London where the jazz scene is on fire

and has caught the attention of those in the jazz world. At just 25 years old she has composed, produced, engineered, played, and mixed her own debut album, Space 1.8. She plays modular synths and the pedal harp to create these incredible sounds that take you to another place and time. Her ambient sounds immediately have you feel relaxed but that's not by coincidence since her influences are the frequency emitted by Perseus's black hole, which is B-flat 57 octaves below middle C. Yes, her compositions are deep and cerebral but that's a great thing because you feel as if you are in meditation while listening to her music. Her album features well-known jazz artists such as saxophonist, Nubya Garcia, and Sons of Kemet percussionist, Edward Wakili-Hick. Check out this super-talented and ethereal ambient jazz harpist. Support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening and namaste.

Space 2



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