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Seth Nyquist aka MorMor makes his home in Toronto, Canada. A man who truly embodies what it is to be a solo artist, MorMor writes and produces his music, performing all the instruments himself. It sets him apart from the more collaborative peers in his scene, but it hasn’t hindered him in the slightest.

A reluctant rising-star, MorMor released Heaven’s Only Wishful, a five-song EP, earlier this year. Filled with lush, soulful melodies, the tunes offer unexpected twists and turns while perfectly showcasing MorMor’s varied talents.

Psych-pop music replete with electronica elements both rousing and contemplative, Heaven’s Only Wishful received critical acclaim. NPR noted the EP, “teeters between melancholy and benevolently quiet joy...” while Pitchfork acknowledges, “Nyquist has a crystalline ear for hooks, but he doesn’t coast on his catchy refrains.”

Heaven's Only Wishful



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