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Michael Leonhart

I just love this album by jazz trumpeter, Michael Leonhart. He not only mixes classical with jazz but has a little something for everyone. You may know this artist if you are a huge fan of Steely Dan like I am and know he has been playing and collaborating with them since 1996. This New York native grew up with music all around him and it was destined for him to be in jazz since his father is the great jazz bassist, Jay Leonhart. His father played with the best from Judy Garland, Bucky Pizzarelli, Sting, and Frank Sinatra. His sister, Carolyn Leonhart is also a singer and musician in jazz and alt-rock. It's all in the family and they have collaborated with each other in one way or another. Michael Leonhard is the youngest to ever win a Grammy award at the age of 17 for outstanding high school musician in the U.S.

This super-talented musician, multi-instrumentalist doesn't restrict himself to just jazz music but

has also played rock, pop, and classical and continues to spread his wings in all musical directions. He's been playing the trumpet since he was 10 years old and also played piano, drums, and more. This prodigy has been wowing audiences since he was 12 years old and would go on stage with his dad when he would play at the Blue Note jazz club here in NYC. He says he feels most at home playing Motown-styled R&B and old-school funk. He has played with the best of the best from Bill Withers, David Byrne, Mos Def, Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars, Wynton Marsalis and so many more. He made his solo debut in 1997 with the album, Glub Glub Vol 11 and has released 5 albums since then. He released his new album, The Normyn Suites with his orchestra in March and boy is it amazing. Check out the single, Shut Him Down which features Elvis Costello, Joshua Redman, and JSWISS. Michael Leonhart is always busy creating new music so when he comes to your city or town be sure to check him out. Support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!




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