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Marc Rebillet

It's not often when an artist just blows me away with their talent but Marc Rebillet did just that. A good friend of mine who has produced tracks in the past told me to check out this super-talented artist. He is incredible because he makes beats and sounds on the fly without having practiced or even planned it.

Marc Rebillet from Dallas, Texas isn't your typical musician. He did start out at age 4 playing piano and is classically trained musically. He uses a loop machine, keyboards, percussion instruments, and vocals to produce his tracks. This all started in 2016 when he would upload videos to YouTube improvising music from his bedroom at his apartment. As a matter of fact, you will find several of his videos where he is making music in a robe. So what makes him so incredible? The crazy beats and music he just makes up on the spot have caught the attention of such artists as Erykah Badu, DJ Premier, Flying Lotus, and so many others. He has been on tour and his shows sell out quickly. During his shows, he is creating beats and music on the spot from the audience requesting different topics or sounds. His reputation has been growing at a fast pace and he was recently featured on Sway's Sirius XM show in which Marc Rebillet created a song live in the studio. To give some perspective this artist went from 7-10,000 followers to 50,000 in a week and within days to 100,000. He now has 1.74 million YouTube subscribers and has over 127 million views, which is just amazing.

During the pandemic, he was the first artist to do a Drive-In Tour where he played at several outdoor theaters and people would watch from their cars and listen to his music on a local radio frequency. These shows were sold out and grossed $523,000 with almost 13,000 attendees. Crazy! He has donated the money from some of his shows to different charities. He has recorded several albums and plenty of singles since 2018. In 2019 Billboard named him Billboard's Dance Emerging Artist. In creating his music he uses a Boss RC-505 loop station to layer vocals, keyboards, and other instruments, I think I want to buy one now. He mixes elements of funk, soul, dance, rhythm, and blues, and more to create some very funky and exciting music. Check out this super-talented musician, singer, producer, and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!

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