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Lava La Rue

This super talented singer-songwriter and rapper was born with incredible talent and determination. Lava La Rue, real name Ava Laurel is from West London and from an early age became active in the injustices she saw in her neighborhood and all around her. She started making music around age 14 while in foster care and that type of beginning sets up the tone for a person's direction in life. She knew she was not like the rest but as she puts it a "powerful strong-minded person can overcome the odds." At 18 she co-founded the underground NiNE8 Collective, a group of talented artists who were all born in 1998 and not only write their own songs but create their own videos and clothes. She has also been fighting against gentrification in her neighborhood, her answer for the war on class is not for artists to move out but to stand their ground and fight for their right to thrive. At only 21 Lava La Rue has experienced a lot and you can say has an old soul.

Lava La Rue's music is soft, boom-bap hip-hop that is rooted in her love of spoken word. She is a jack of all trades and labels herself a visionary artist. She began recording tracks at 17 with good friend and producer, Lloyd "Mac Wetha" McDonald. These tracks were put up on Soundcloud. In 2018 she released her debut EP, Letra, and just released her latest single, Angel from her forthcoming EP, Butter-Fly that will be released at the end of January 2021. Check out this incredibly talented visual artist, singer/rapper, and support independent music worldwide. Happy listening!

Angel ft. Deb Never



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