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Lasse Mørck Quartet

Lasse Mørck

A native of Denmark, Lasse Mørck has always been interested in music, people and culture. Born in the town of Svendborg, he began experimenting with different instruments: first with bass and later piano and guitar. Bass seems to have won out though, continuing a tradition begun by both his father and grandfather who were classically trained on the double bass. He formalized his musical education at Frederiksberg MGK in Copenhagen while exploring the art of jazz, with a particular fondness for Bill Evans and Scott Lafaro,

Eager for a new experience and perspective, Mørck lived in Mexico for a time, soaking up its cultural and musical heritage and learning enough Spanish to get by. Returning to Denmark, he was ready to release his own music, and Imagining Places I've Never Been debuted in 2017. He also graduated from RMC (Rhythmic Music Conservatory) and followed-up the following year with The Aztec Creation Myth Suite, a nod to his immersion in Mexican culture. He has been touring through Europe, Asia and the US with his quartet, guesting on other recordings, including a few with Snorre Kirk and winning awards for his compositions, most recently winning first prize in the Young Danish Jazz Composer 2018 competition for “Tezcatlipoca.”

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