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Iago Fernández

Every musician has their own style of how they compose, arrange or write. Spaniard jazz drummer Iago Fernández composes as if he is writing poetry. He does actually write poetry and loves to paint. He has been performing since he was 18 years old and his musical influences range from jazz to Radiohead, classical music, and popular music from both Brazil and Spain.

He has performed at many well-known jazz festivals all over the world. As a sideman, he has recorded over 40 works, and as a band leader and composer, has recorded three albums. He made his debut in 2011 with his album Agramando. Later in 2015, he released Acougo with a more relaxed feel to the music. I love the song Topic and it's laid-back sound, he followed it up a year later in 2016 with the album Brisa. If you notice much of his music is based on the sounds of the ocean, winds, and earth. He just released his fourth album Luzada with liner notes by one of the best drummers in jazz, Jorge Rossy. Check out this album it has a little bit of everything from classical music elements, Brazilian folk music, and of course jazz. Listen to the song Almas Viaxeiras sung by Japanese-Polish singer Yumi Ito. Iago Fernández is on tour and we can't wait for him to play here in the States soon. ¡Ole! Support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!




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