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king Margo

I have to admit country music and Americana has changed a lot from back in the day. It's become a lot more commercial than it use to be. Singers like Shania Twain and The Dixie Chicks have made it mainstream. This duo grabbed my attention with their vocal harmonies. King Margo consists of singer-songwriters, Lucciana Costa and Rachel Coats both guitarists. Lucciana grew up in Michigan and started playing slide guitar by the age of 12. Rachel who is from Toledo, Ohio was also gigging around in her city. She has also been playing the stand-up bass since middle school. Both have extensive gigging and touring experience having played with many bands. It was on a tour for the same band in Nashville that they both met. They connected musically and personally and went on the road as soon as they met. Their first album, Barely Gettin By which was crowdfunded and self-released was a tale of their travels on the road going from gig to gig. It's playful and fun to listen to with a great sense of humor. Both women are strong believers in living

their best life and being conscience of our planet. They love traveling the country and bringing

their music to the masses. They have just released their second album, Waters Rise and I can tell you it's amazing. The vocal harmonies are impeccable and these ladies can rock just check out the

song, Floodlights & Sequins. King Margo is about to go on tour so if they come to your town sit down and have a beer with them. Check out these talented and multi-instrumentalist Americana duo and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!


Dishes Ain't Done - feat. Gabe Lee


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