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Karl Seglem

When I first heard this jazz saxophonist's music I was enamored with his sound. The beauty of his songs makes you feel relaxed and painting musical landscapes in your mind. The Norgewian jazz saxophonist born in Ardalstangen, Norway has been mixing different styles of music for quite sometime. His marriage of mixing jazz with folk music, and world music has me falling in love again.

Karl Seglem has been making music since 1988 with several jazz groups and ensembles as well as his own band. He has released over 8 albums and around 2000 he learned to play the bukkehorn or Billy Goat horn as it's known and has become one of the only musicians in the world who plays it. The horn has been used in traditional Norwegian folk music. He is not only a musician but also a composer, producer and record label owner. He started his own label, NorCD in the 90's and his label represents artists in both jazz, folk and worldmusic. He has also been a jazz music magazine contributor, a man who wears many hats. His improvisational style of playing pushes the boundaries in jazz. Although a very busy man he still takes time to sit in on jam sessions with other artists and records with them. In listening to such tracks as Balsam, Myrull and so many others you are easily swept away in its beautiful arrangements. His rhythm like a poet keeping a tempo that is smooth and dreamy. This past April he released his latest EP, Tung Alge (Arduous Algae)and has released several singles in the past year. Check out this super talented saxophonist, composer,produce and support independent music worldwide. Happy listening!




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