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Jerry Paper

Jonathan Lucas who is better known professionally as Jerry Paper would like to die in L.A. if it were up to him. This singer-songwriter, producer has been making music since 2009. They were influenced by their friends who were all playing music. They learned how to play the theme of the TV show The Simpsons on the piano by age 5. They also have played drums and best of all learned to play bass to the Misfits song, London Dungeon. How cool is that?

During high school, they were busy playing in bands and performing at school. They wanted to be part of the cool bands they saw performing but were constantly turned down and this made them go solo. The best decision they ever made and since then they became known as Jerry Paper. They admit that at first, they weren't crazy about electronic music but as fate would have it, one of their friends had a Roland HS-60 synthesizer, they became curious and started playing around with it. Their first produced recording was a project called, Zonotope in 2009. They have recorded several more albums since then and each one depended on how they were feeling or observing what was going on around them. Their music and videos take on a comedic approach to life and that's what makes it fun. Their constant curiosity into religions, space, and the world at large keep their music and projects interesting. Their taste in music is quite eclectic ranging from syth-pop to free jazz, krautrock, and more. They just released their single, Just Say Play and their new album, Free Time will be released on April 15th. Check out this super-talented, singer-songwriter, producer and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!

Just Say Play



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