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Ife Ogunjobi

The scene in London, England has been producing a lot of young talented Jazz artists for the past few years, especially coming from South East London. Many of them mixing jazz with music from their ancestral countries or that of their parents. One of these young rising stars is trumpeter, Ife Ogunjobi from London, who was raised in a Nigerian household and grew up in South East London, surrounded by a mix of all these sounds, especially Afro-beat, jazz, and hip-hop which influenced his taste in music.

Ife Ogunjobi began his music life when his mother enrolled him at the local music school to learn how to play piano and recorder. At the age of 10, he went to Southbank center to see Hugh Masekela and that changed his life. Seeing the trumpet/flugelhorn played that way made him gravitate towards that instrument and why he still plays it today. At age 14 he went to a summer school called, Kinetika Bloco, at this school is where he learned about jazz and improvisation. He has been taking courses at the Royal Academy of music and loves the one-on-one teaching and has had jazz artists like Chris Potter and Dave Holland giving him lessons. Ife Ogunjobi has performed and recorded with some amazing artists in different genres of music from Solange Knowles, Moses Boyd, Jason Moran, and Fela Kuti's protege, Dele Sosimi. Check out this very talented trumpeter and support independent music worldwide. Happy listening!

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