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A good friend of mine happen to post about this great singer-songwriter and I was enthralled right away. Meet Nigerian-British singer-songwriter, Halima who not only sings but is also producing her own music. Now based here in NYC this amazing talent has been playing around our city undetected. Her sound is eclectic and most would say RnB in its groove but Halima grew up on a strong diet of pop, punk, neo-soul, and RnB. She has woken up to all her possibilities and in order to have full control of her music has created her own record label, One Percent Genius. When you listen to her songs you can hear that beautiful raspiness in her vocal delivery as well as the tone and power vocally. In 2019 she started releasing singles, listen to her song Holding Me with its cool funk and groove. Subsequent singles have been released and in 2021 released her EP, XYZ. Halima holds nothing back in her lyrics and her vocal delivery shows the emotions behind her songs. She believes in giving back to her community and the sales from her latest single, Wake Up will be donated to Campaign Zero, NAACP and, Reclaim The Block. Her songs are sexy and would be described as bedroom pop but this talented singer-songwriter/guitarist/producer has a lot to say so pay attention. She just released her new single, Rent and it's already garnering attention. Check out this truly talented singer-songwriter and genius producer. We can't wait for more shows to be announced. Support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!





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