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Glenn Dickson

Clarinetist, Glenn Dickson has had a very interesting career. He has played with Greek bands Taximi and Meraki and plays with his own klezmer orchestra. If you have never heard of klezmer music its history is based on Ashkenazi Jews. It is ceremonial music that is played at weddings and social functions. It is also known as Jewish instrumental folk music. Glenn Dickson is also a member of his Shirim band which has been playing Klezmer music since 1982. The band is also known as Naftule's Dream which mixes avant-garde jazz/folk/ klezmer music.

This artist has an experimental side that is both dreamy and meditative.

During the pandemic so many artists and bands found themselves being very creative and recording music. Many decided to go in different directions than before and

this talented jazz artist, listened to his creative voice to record his first solo album,

Wider Than the Sky. The album has a more stripped-down sound with only him blowing

his horn while also incorporating electronic sounds live. His playing will put you in a trance which I think he wants to do. Entrance his audience through his playing. Check out this super-talented clarinetist and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!

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