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Georgia Mancio

In jazz, there are so many singers who interpret the different nuances in different ways. This female jazz singer's voice reminds me of some of the great singers of our time like Rosemary Clooney or Anita O'Day. Georgia Mancio has been on the jazz scene for the past decade. She was born in London, the U.K. but her parents are from Italy. She says her parents gave her and her sister an appreciation for the arts. She started playing the flute as a child and although she wanted to transition to being a singer, both her grandparents who were classical pianists told her to wait. Georgia says it took a long time for her to have the confidence she needed to go out and sing and sing originals.

She started singing professionally at age 23 and didn't start out learning about jazz until later. She loved classical music by such artists as Beethoven, Liszt, Mahler, and others. Her love of jazz happened when her Dad brought home a Frank Sinatra record and a box set of music by such great vocalists as, Betty Carter, Anita O'Day, Carmen McRae, and others. She learned how to sing by listening to those singers with their phrasing and annunciation and soaked up everything. She is not your traditional jazz singer, she wasn't schooled at any university, it was all by ear and memorizing melodies. She made her debut in 2003 with her first album, Peaceful Place, and has since recorded over 7 albums. She loves interpreting the works of such artists as Stevie Wonder, Mercedes Sosa, and others. She released her 8th studio album this past March titled, Quiet Is The Star along with collaborator and jazz pianist, Alan Broadbent. Check out this amazing talented lyricist, vocalist, producer, and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

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