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Georgia Cecile

If you have been following the Jazz scene then you know that there is a huge resurgence happening in the United Kingdom. I came upon this soulful Jazz singer, Georgia Cecile from Uddingston, Lanarkshire in Scotland who has been shaking up the jazz scene lately. Growing up in a family of jazz musicians and jazz singers it was instilled in her to follow musically with jazz.

When you first listen to Georgia Cecile you think she's a mature or older seasoned jazz singer because of her soulful bluesy pitch and tone. Her phrasing has a vibrato that is soft in tone and is reminiscent of singers like Marlena Shaw or even Abby Lincoln. She is a breath of fresh air and a soulful voice who is rooted in the traditions of modern jazz. Last year she won, Best Vocalist in the Scottish Jazz Awards. Georgia Cecile wants her music to be around 30-40 years from now. She says that jazz music has no date. Check out this amazing jazz singer and support independent music worldwide. Happy listening!

Blue Is Just A Colour



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