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Connie Han

Growing up in LA with classical musicians as parents, Connie Han was always surrounded by music and learned to play the piano at an early age.  She herself gravitated toward jazz in her teens, having gained significant technical proficiency on her instrument of choice. She studied at Los Angeles County High School for the Arts under the tutelage of drummer Bill Wysaske, who ended up producing her one of her records.

Without formal training in jazz, her studies with Wysaske influenced her playing, resulting in a very percussive way of playing.  Self-releasing The Richard Rodgers Songbook when she was just 19, she went on to sign with Mack Records and recorded Crime Zone produced by Wysaske. DownBeat touted her original compositions, “angular melodies and odd, abruptly shifting meters.” while noting her covers “have stood the test of time and offer many of the album’s most engaging moments.”  All About Jazz proclaims: ”Watch out for Connie Han, the face (and shape) of jazz to come.” At 23, she’s just getting started.

Crime Zone



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