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Cleo Sol

Cleo Sol

Cleo Sol grew up in a musical family in West London. With a mother who sings and plays guitar and flute and a piano/bass-playing father, her becoming an artist in her own right seems predestined. Her parents’ extensive record collection formed her early musical education, and her interest in a wide variety of genres was cemented. Anything from reggae to acid jazz to grunge is fair game and has informed her own style.

At age 16, she began to write her own songs and worked closely with a coach who helped her develop her vocals. An eclectic musical background isn’t the only diversity she has experienced. Her mother is half Serbian and Spanish, her father hails from Jamaica. All of these influences would bear fruit once she was discovered by underground producer Davinche. He introduced to other artists with whom she had early collaborations. Her own releases include several EPs and singles, including the latest from 2017, “Why Don’t You.”

Why Don’t You



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