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Oh how I love dance music and in particular House and Tribal House. This dance producer and bass guitarist is making everyone dance around the world. Italian producer/DJ, Alessio Caforio or better known as Cassimm knows how to get the crowd up and moving. He has gained his popular status from the underground house music scene. His productions mix the different beats in house music to create something otherworldly. His followers around the world literally fly to wherever he is going to play just to feel his vibe. I first heard of this talented DJ/producer when I heard the song, House Ain't Given Up. Its funky groove and smooth beat had me dancing at the train station while listening through my headphones. He has worked with several artists such as Sam Divine, Chus and Ceballos, and many others. Cassimm is now based in London and is frequently doing residencies in Ibiza, London, Italy, and more. He watches the crowd closely while he's curating his set and knows just when to drop that thumping sound. He released a new single, That Sound last month and just yesterday released his latest single, Yes Man. If you are ever in London, Ibiza, or even here in NYC and you know Cassimm is DJing go check him out....just remember to bring your dancing shoes. Support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!


Yes Man (Original Mix)



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