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Bugge Wesseltoft

Throughout the years I have listened to and been privy to some amazing jazz artists many who mix traditional with modern or other music genres. I may be biased but I love the keyboards and this jazz artist is incredible on those keys. Bugge Wesseltoft,(full name Jens Christian Bugge Wesseltoft) from Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway has been playing since he was a young boy. In high school in played in brass bands and dance orchestras. When he was 16 he joined a punk rock band and at 19 became a professional musician. A year later he moved to Oslo with his father, his dad, Erik Wesseltoft is a well known Norwegian jazz guitarist. His father's influence with jazz music now had Bugge Wesseltoft interested in music with its roots in Jazz. He also worked with artists in rock music and pop and had wanted to extend his education in music but his gigs were many and never got the chance to further his formal music training.

Bugge Wesseltoft played with many artists in different music genres but it was in the 1990s that he began to transition to a new form of jazz. This new form is called Nu Jazz and it mixes jazz with electronica, funk, soul, and free improvisation. Bugge Wesseltoft is recognized as a musical genius with great talent on the piano. He refuses to be tied to any music genres and even has his own record label, Jazzland Recordings to put out the music he loves without restrictions. Check out this musical genius in Nu Jazz and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

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