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Canadian sextet Brasstronaut was formed in 2007 by Edo Van Breemen and Bryan Davies in Vancouver. By 2009 the group had grown to the six-piece ensemble it is today, enjoying a residency at the Banff Centre. The group has toured extensively throughout North America and Europe, as well as far-flung locales like Istanbul.

The group's first release was a four-track EP called Old World Lies, in 2008 on the netlabel Digital Kunstrasen. Moving to Unfamiliar Records, they followed up with full-length albums Mount Chimaera (2010) and Mean Sun (2012), as well as another EP, Opportunity (2011). The group continued to forge the disparate elements of their unique line-up, creating a sound that is an amalgam of pop (guitar and vocals) and jazz with (drums and trumpet) and some lap steel work for good measure. The results invite listeners on a dreamy, sonic journey.

Having joined the artist-run label Hybridity Music, the band released its self-titled third album in 2017, which received an enthusiastic reception. Exclaim! declares, “On Brasstronaut, the band show they are truly the sum of their parts: dexterous musicians, artful composers and poetic lyricists The current lineup is Breeman and Davies, guitarist Tariq Hussain, Sam Davidson on clavinet and the electronic wind instrument EWI, and the rhythm section of John Walsh on bass and drummer Brennan Saul. Fans and critics alike are eager to hear what’s next.




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