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Blue Lab Beats

Blue Lab Beats

NK-OK and Mr. D.M. may not use their real names, but as Blue Lab Beats, they’re collectively making a name for themselves as up and coming producers in the London jazz scene. Marrying electronica and hip-hop to classic jazz, the jazztronica duo are all about collaboration and experimentation.

The two met as teenagers in the WAC arts youth program where they were exposed to a wide range of music and learned about arranging and the production techniques they would later employ to great effect. In 2016, they released Blue Skies, a four-track EP that Blues and Soul summed up “Bloody cool.”

Collaborating with other jazz stars Moses Boyd and Nubya Garcia, the duo released its full-length debut, Xover, in 2017, which Clash Music described as “a fantastically broad, creative experience.” And these guys are just getting started.




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