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Blood Red Shoes

This exciting rock band from Brighton, England likes some things that one can say are morbid. The duo consists of singer/guitarist, Laura Mary Carter and drummer, Steven Ansell and together they are Blood Red Shoes. They got their name from a Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers musical where the story goes that Ginger Rogers who was wearing white dancing shoes turned them red with blood from her practicing for her role. Their music is a cross between punk rock and shoegazing, you may wonder what genre is shoegazing? It's a sub-genre of alternative rock that has more guitar effects, vocal distortion, and an ethereal mixture of sounds. This duo rocks live and have been creating music together since 2004. This band got my attention with their song, I Wish I Was Someone Better, just listen to that guitar sound and rapid drumbeat. Reminds me of early Green Day or White Stripes at times but more rhythmic and more punk. They made their debut with the

album, Box Full of Secrets in 2008 and have released 5 albums total. They were first signed to V2 records which were later sold to Universal Music Group but in 2014 the band decided to start their own record label, Jazz Life. On January 14 the band will release their sixth studio album, Ghosts On Tape, and are already on tour knocking out audiences with their aggressive brand of rock. I can't stop playing their new single, Morbid Fascination from the upcoming album. Check out this talented duo and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

Morbid Fascination



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