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Bear Garden

I stumbled upon this up-and-coming jazz saxophonist and love the vibe. Bear Garden aka Martin Wiren from Gallivare, Sweden is a composer and jazz saxophonist that is breaking boundaries in the jazz world. He has been playing the saxophone since he was a child and practiced for over two decades in his parent's garage. He decided to pursue his music career and moved to Stockholm where he lives now and studied at the Royal College of Music.

His music is inspired by the Motown sound that he listened to as well as the Icelandic music scene. His compositions are a mix of classical orchestration with a jazz groove. He likes to break boundaries and seeks inspiration from both nature and sounds that are all around him. The music can mix rock, punk, funk with modern contemporary jazz that is just inspiring. Check out his song, Helium it will have you mesmerized. He released his self-titled album in 2019 and when you listen to it you can almost feel yourself on top of a mountain in Sweden. Bear Garden wants to defy musical borders and I believe he has with his album, Sunshine Fruit which was released this past February. The orchestration along with his tenor saxophone sounds breathtaking. After his release in February, he was busy recording his next EP, Hue which was released this past June. His latest is more stripped down and getting back to basics. Check out this otherworldly jazz saxophonist-composer and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening




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