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Andreya Triana

Singer Andreya Triana is based in London who gained early experience at open mic nights where she was introduced a group of local musicians with whom she formed a group called Boots. She left for Leeds to study music, but a second incarnation of Boots was destined to follow. She also began to experiment as a vocalist with Freeflo Sessions, using a sampler to record and loop her vocals along with beats and percussion, further developing her technique at the Red Bull Music Academy in Australia. There, she collaborated with Flying Lotus, Bonobo and others.

Bonobo produced her debut, Lost Where I Belong, released in 2010. Her follow-up came five years later (Giants), though she was hardy idle in the interim, working with Manu Delago and Wilkinson and releasing a couple of EPs of her own.

Her latest recording is due out next month and is titled Life in Colour. We’ll be eagerly awaiting its arrival.




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