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Adria Kain

Adria Kain may not be well-known but she is getting there. I first heard about her music sometime in 2016 and she captured my ears with her then song, Kainthem. Its funk, R&B rhythms, and groove had me swooning. Her EP, Reverse Psychology was constantly playing at my house back then and I still play it. This Toronto, Canadian native isn't new to the game and has gone through some rough periods both personally and professionally but she is back and better than ever. She cannot only sing but is also a rapper and her songs exhibit her honesty and play on words. She made her debut in 2015 with her album, Island In My Mind, and the following year with an EP. Since then she has been honing her craft and making strides. Last year she made the International music list of Artists You Need to Know and know her you will. This artist celebrates the perseverance and strength of black women. Listen to her song, Classic with its beautiful message of empowerment is a testament to her experiences and triumphs. She has opened for such artists as ?uestlove, Miguel, and Ari Lennox and I can't wait for her to be the headliner. This singer-songwriter is all about personal growth and its refreshing to listen to. She just debuted her new single, Only With Time which is just as funky as her previous releases. Her new album, When Flowers Bloom was just released on February 11th. Check out this super-talented singer-songwriter, rapper and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!


Only with Time



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