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Abraham Alexander

Every so often an artist catches your attention and you need to know.... who is that? Abraham Alexander is an artist to watch. Born in Greece to parents of Nigerian descent and raised in Texas this talented singer-songwriter has a story to tell. His parents moved stateside to escape the racial tensions they experienced in Athens, Greece. He started playing around with the guitar at age 8 and by age 22 was fully committed to teaching himself to play the guitar. While in college he tore his ACL playing soccer and while convalescing started writing song about his pain and experiences. He first started playing open mics and describes the experience as nerve-wracking.

In early 2017 he opened up for the singer, Ginuwine and later that year wrote the song, "America" about police violence against black men. Last year he released his self-titled album and the music is outstanding. Check out this super talented singer-songwriter-guitarist and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!




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