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The Heavy Heavy

by Kristine England

Monday, July 25, 2022

The Heavy Heavy makes “a reverb-drenched collision of psychedelia and blues, acid rock and sunshine pop” to cite the band’s own words. The description is totally apt, as the music pulls in these many influences to sound both authentically retro yet fresh. Jangly guitars, Farfisa-reminiscent keyboards, and strong vocal harmonies evoke the best of the So-Cal 60s sound on the group’s debut EP, Life and Life Only. It’s the perfect music for a sunny, summer drive with the top down.

Will Turner and Georgie Fuller formed the band in Brighton, UK. Turner grew up in Malvern, a spa town frequented by rock stars (Zep, Sabbath, Kate Bush) either to partake in the area’s healing waters or commune with the spirits of the Druids who once worshiped there. Fuller has been honing her vocal craft since was a teenager, even performing at Montreux Jazz Festival, with stints on London theater stages as well.

The Guardian calls the band “one to watch…they write and play music with that lick of madness that makes early Fleetwood Mac and peak Stones so thrilling.” PopMatters raves, “‘’Sleeping on Grassy Ground’s’ centerpiece is a grand imitation of Clare Torry’s unforgettable moaning lament from Pink Floyd’s ‘Great Gig in the Sky’, and it’s a respectable imitation.” You can hear Fuller’s classical training to be sure.

Life and Life Only is an auspicious preview of more great things to come. The band promises a full-length album in 2023. In the meantime, they’ll be hitting the road in August, with dates in the US throughout the fall.

"Miles and Miles"

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